About Elisabeth Pohle Ceramics

Elisabeth with Hobie and Puffer

Hand-painted dinnerware line created and painted by the artist in the USA. It has been featured in several different publications, sold in over 100 stores and collected world wide. Elisabeth's designs have also been licensed through multiple outlets from calendars, greeting cards,and posters to dinnerware and accessories. Her favorite part of designing is working one on one with the client to create that perfect piece or set that they will cherish forever.


Born and raised in Saratoga, California, Elisabeth grew up an avid equestrian and was very involved in 4-H, which inspired her whimsical farm animal designs. Being surrounded by a variety of animals growing up gave her such enjoyment that she wanted to express that into her art for everyone to enjoy. In addition to her traditional designs, Elisabeth has created designs ranging from florals with birds, cowboy boots and horseshoes with bouquets to seashells and safari animals.Her latest additions are custom dog plates which have become very popular.

Elisabeth was educated in Los Angeles and Paris in the fields of fine art, interior design and graphic design. Having been a textile designer for many years, her knowledge of pattern design and artistic ability give her work a unique and joyful quality.

Now living between Sun Valley, Idaho and Manhattan Beach, Calif. Elisabeth enjoys being able to paint and be inspired by the beauty around her, including her two Pekingese dogs, Hobie and Puffer, who sit on the desk and supervise each piece.